Wildlife Conservation Society COVID-19 Safety Plan for Catered Events

Highlights for Guests of Special Events

Effective Date: April 25, 2021
Revised Date: May 6, 2021
In compliance with New York State and New York City requirements, WCS has implemented the following safety measures:

Event Entry

Contact Tracing:

  • WCS will obtain the full name, home address, email, cell phone number and date of birth of every Guest. WCS will maintain this information for a minimum period of 28 days and will make it available to state and local health authorities upon their request.
  • WCS will obtain the names of all Vendor staff coming onto the Event site.
  • Guests and Vendors must notify WCS if, within 48 hours of being on-site, they undergo a test for COVID-19 infection that has a positive result or develop new COVID-19 symptoms (not related to chronic health issues).


  • All Guests, and WCS and Vendor Event staff prior to working their first event, must show one of the following prior to entry:
    • A final vaccination shot at least 14 days prior to the Event date;
    • A COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours prior to the Event start time, with a negative result received prior to the Event start time; or
    • An antigen test within 6 hours prior to the Event start time, with a negative result received prior to the Event start time.
      • To minimize potential exposure while waiting for test results, individuals should monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, wear a face covering when in public, maintain social distancing, and should avoid extended periods in public, contact with strangers, and large congregate settings. Accordingly, Client will ensure that any individual waiting for a test result conducted at the Event depart from the Event and testing site until a negative result is confirmed.
  • All Guests and WCS and Vendor Event staff must complete a questionnaire prior to entry confirming that, as of the date of the Event, they (A) have no COVID-19 symptoms; (B) have not in the preceding month tested positive for COVID-19 or been diagnosed as having COVID-19; (C) have not in the preceding 14 days had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, been diagnosed as having COVID-19 or shown symptoms of COVID-19; and (D) have complied with all NYS rules for returning to NYS after travel. The current rules for returning to NYS after travel can be found at https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory.
  • All WCS and Vendor Event staff will be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks as long as they are actively working at Events and interacting in close contact with Guests. Staff do not need to be tested if they have received their final vaccination more than 14 days prior to the date of the relevant Event.
  • For indoor Events: All Guests and WCS and Vendor Event staff will also have their temperature checked upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter.
  • WCS cannot allow any Guest or WCS or Vendor Event staff to enter the Event or, with respect to staff, to provide services for the Event, without satisfying the applicable screening requirements above.
  • WCS will confirm all Guests in advance to ensure compliance with occupancy, plan movement of individuals throughout the premises, and prevent unnecessary congregation or foot-traffic congestion in common areas (e.g., entrances, exits, restrooms).
  • For Events in indoor spaces, WCS will follow all NYS and other applicable guidelines relating to ventilation and air filtration.

Event Activities

  • WCS and Guests will follow WCS protocols and guidelines while at the Event, including but not limited to:
    • Maintaining physical distancing as often as possible.
    • Wearing face coverings at all times, except for Guests who are seated at a table to eat or drink. Guests must be at a table in order to eat or drink, but must not remove their face coverings to eat or drink if members of different parties/households/families are within 6 feet.
  • WCS staff will serve Guests at bars, and permit Guests to sit at bars, only if a distance of 6 feet can be maintained between parties (i.e., groups of Guests).
  • Guests will not congregate, except when seated at their assigned table. Guests may stand only:
    • When necessary (e.g., enter/exit, restroom, use of staffed buffet).
    • When essential to the Event.
    • During cocktail receptions, with strict adherence to social distancing (provided that Guests may remove their face coverings and consume food and beverages only while seated at tables and when members of different parties/households/families are not within 6 feet).
    • For dancing, under the restrictions described in next section below.
  • The following dancing rules apply:
    • Guests may dance only in designated and clearly marked areas (e.g., dance floor) and must maintain 6 feet of separation from other attendees, except from members of their same immediate party/household/family. Guests will wear face coverings while dancing.
  • WCS and Guests will wash or sanitize their hands after sneezing, coughing, blowing one's nose or using the restroom, with additional frequency for staff involved in food preparation or cleaning.
    • WCS will make hand sanitizer stations available in every area of the Event, including back of house.
    • Hand washing areas include the restrooms, kitchen and satellite areas.
  • Guests will self-park.
  • If there is live music or entertainment, Guests will remain separated from performers by either 12 feet or a physical barrier.
  • If Guests serve as presenters or public speakers, they may temporarily remove their face coverings while speaking but will remain separated from others by either 12 feet or a physical barrier.
  • If WCS provides shuttle service for Guests, it will be a limited service, to reduce the number of Guests sitting together in shuttle vehicles.
  • If WCS provides check-in or coat check service, Guests will follow physical distancing protocols during the process.
  • Guests will enter and exit Events only by designated entrance and exit points.
  • Restrooms:
    • No more than two (2) people may use a restroom at once.
    • WCS staff will clean and disinfect the restrooms every 30 minutes.
    • WCS will install touchless options in restrooms (e.g., for hand washing) as much as possible.
  • Floor plans:
    • WCS will design seating with physical distancing protocols in mind. WCS will place all tables at least 6 feet apart.
    • WCS will seek to minimize the number of Guests at each table, and will place no more than 10 Guests at any table, with all people seated at a table being in the same party.
  • Staffing:
    • WCS will have sufficient staff present at Events to oversee compliance with these safety measures, including staff for limiting capacity, prohibiting improper or unnecessary congregations, and managing movement and traffic.
  • Communication:
    • WCS will post signs notifying Guests and others of face covering, physical distancing and other key safety requirements.
    • For Events in indoor spaces, WCS will post a sign identifying the maximum number of Guests allowed at the Event and the stating that violations may be reported by calling 833-208-4160 or texting "VIOLATION" to 855-904-5036.
    • WCS will post a copy of these safety measures, or a safety plan that includes them, for viewing by WCS and Vendor Event staff.
If a Guest fails to comply with any of these safety measures, then in addition to any remedies available, WCS may require the Guest to leave the Event premises. If that occurs, WCS will have no obligation to refund the Guest for amounts paid to WCS, if any have been paid.